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Roommate Confessions

You’ve been walking to class all quarter cause your bike that you leave sitting around unlocked all the time was “stolen” (at a campus where the biggest crime is bike theft… surprised much?). You waited a week to ask us if we knew anything about it, and we all said we had no idea where your bike was. We lied. We moved it to the bike racks next door… like 20 feet away, and away, and visible from our bike racks. Maybe if you actually leave the house once in a while instead of sitting inside, ordering nasty takeout food every day, leaving plates of who knows what sitting on your bed for weeks at a time and hotboxing our room and drawing the girls sunbathing outside claiming its “totally normal from an art perspective” you’d notice it, you sick fuck. Oh, and shut up about how much you can’t wait to transfer cause you don’t have any friends here and no one gets you. I’m pretty sure a creep is a creep no matter what campus you go to.
- SC

If you want to draw a picture of anyone at CollegeHumor sunbathing then submit them to our inbox. Use your imagination. Also, submit your Roommate Confessions! (via collegehumor)
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